ABOUT Porsche


During the COVID Pandemic all stores shut down! I was unable to go to the beauty supply store to get the body butters I loved! Even though I loved the Raw Shae Butter, its kind of hard to apply, It leaves me looking oily! Also, we were in a statewide crisis to boost our immune systems! Every product on a store shelf has harsh chemicals leaving my skin feeling dryer than normal. Also, what's applied to the skin topically, seeps into the blood stream! Me, I love raw organic products the moisturize and heals from the outside in! With all of this info I created my own body butter! Its whipped to apply easily! Its made with all natural and organic products as well as essential oils. And they are lightly fragrant for a delightful smell that lasts! I begin giving them out as gifts and getting great feed back! As the demand grew, Out came HGLuxe! I begin to get asked to create products for other problem body areas and that's when I started expanding! We are a black owned company! I do this with my daughter! Her hobby was making lip gloss! She got so good I decided to add these to the menu as well! So when you purchase a Kiss Gloss, your are supporting my daughters dreams! With our products we strive to keep our black skin not cracking and keep aging backwards! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little about us! We love to hear your feedback!