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What is a Body Polish?

Body Polish is a more Luxurious Sugar Scrub! These Body products have just the right amount of Luxurious oils that aid in anti-aging, hydrating, and detoxifying your skin! If you love for your skin to feel as smooth as silk, these products are for you! Perfect for people with dry, rough skin. Recommended use is 3 times weekly! ! Order yours today!

What is a Body Polish Wash?

Body Polish Wash (Foaming Sugar Scrub) is a custom blend of Shae butter cleanser (soap) and our custom Body Polish (sugar scrub) combined! Replace your normal body wash and upgrade to luxury! This product is perfect for daily use in the shower! Scoop out a small amount and apply with your hands! The exfoliants are in the product and is sure to get you clean and polished! These products also add to any home décor so feel free to leave near a sink for hand washing: But not to much though, you don't want to make your skin raw! This product can be use at least once daily! Try some today! It smells amazing!

What's the difference between Body Polish and Body Polish Wash?

Body Polish is more exfoliating and should only be used up to 3 times weekly! It is created to use form the neck down. Amazing on scars, eczema, and dry feet! In addition, the Body Polish does not have preservatives so please do not get water in this product! Body Polish Wash is a Shae butter soap base exfoliant! It is gentle enough to use on your face and it has preservatives in it so feel free to bring this product into your shower with you! You will love both; the Body Polish and Body Polish Wash! Order yours today!

How do you use HG Luxe Products?

Bathe with Body Polish Wash. Then exfoliate with Body Polish. Towel dry and after moisturize with Whipper Body Butter!

Scalp Detox Oils can be applied directly to the scalp with nozzle! To maintain ends, add a few drops to hands, rub together, and and to ends of hair! Shake vigorously to activate exfoliant to elevate itches and dry patches on head when necessary!

Apply Hair growth oil directly to affected areas for instant cleansing, soothing, and hydrating!

Apply Edge oil directly to edges! Perfect for direct application without the drip!

Lip Scrub is great for lip bitters and lip stick changers! Its a gentle exfoliant with oils custom for your lips! Gently exfoliates stained and chapped lips! No essential oils in this product only flavored oils!

Kiss Gloss was designed to keep your kissers Luxurious! Apply as often as necessary! Warning: Selfies will be lit after application!